Trust Administration Attorney in Westlake Village, California

While a revocable living trust may avoid probate, there is still much legal work that is necessary after a death. The tasks involved are often beyond the ability and resources of the successor trustee. The assistance of legal counsel can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration and confusion.

“I’m a successor trustee for my brother. Now that he has died, what do I do? What are my obligations towards the beneficiaries? What accounting tasks are involved?”

The tasks and responsibilities of a successor trustee can be daunting, especially in a large estate. You will need to gather and account for the assets of the trust, file tax returns, pay taxes, and distribute assets in the manner prescribed in the trust. You may not be prepared to perform these difficult tasks, or you may simply not have the time.

ZabnerLaw provides complete trust administration services from notification of family members to final accounting and filing of IRS forms. We will work closely with your loved one’s financial advisor, accountant, life insurance agent, and other professionals to ensure that his or her wishes are honored and assets and obligations are handled as set forth in the trust.